Love Cindy and the intimacy she creates in our Tuesday night group. It helps all of us to do our best memoir writing.


A beautiful, healing time. Thank you!


Loved the small groups. The writing prompts helped me to think outside the box. I loved the feedback it was always personal and offered great insight.


Valley is a master at holding a safe space for everyone in the room. I felt free to express my fullest self in my writing. Her guided meditations and prompts are meaningful and nurturing. I feel so fortunate to have such an honest and supportive writing mentor.


Big truths within a safe community lead by a sage rock star writer. Life changing for me.


Life in 10 has become a lifeline for me. It renews my spirit and my sense of joy in writing. I feel safe sharing my stories, and learn so much from hearing the stories of my felliw writers. Valley is a brilliant and loving respondent.


Once again classes with Valley do NOT disappoint. Far from it! In this session, Valley and Cindy co-presented on the invaluable strategies for writing in community. We discussed and practiced writing, how to give and receive praise-based feedback, and how to keep writers generating first drafts and finding each other and themselves in the process. This has been my favorite workshop of all I’ve taken at Life in 10. Very grateful for them!